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July 21, 2020 3 min read

"How do I get as strong as (insert name)?" "Why don't I see any progress?" "I think I hit a plateau. Should I try something else?" BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. 

Okay, we've ALL been there. Every person that's ever made a go at weightlifting, like, serious weightlifting, has at some point questioned whether or not there is any visible progress toward their goal actually being accomplished. Given that they have a goal in mind, that is. I personally believe that if you have to force yourself to move your body in a healthy or physically productive way then maybe you just don't belong in a gym. If it seems like a hassle for you to challenge your muscles, then by all means, stay out of the gym and free up some oxygen for the rest of us to gasp in between sets. The human body is meant to move. Now that doesn't imply that you need to train to become the next 1,000lb squatter but it does mean that you need to find a physical activity that you like and stick with it! Which leads me to my whole point:


One of the most irritating things people do at a gym, besides not put their weights/equipment away, is not try! Why are so many people quitters these days? Why are they conditioned to give up so easily? And why are results expected immediately? If you don't put in the work, and I mean REALLY put in the work for a consistent amount of time and effort, then why the hell do you think you deserve any reward? Why do you think you're so special? People train for years and years to get as strong as they are, perform as well as they do, and look as good as they do, so please don't think that your two week trial is the best you can do. I always say if you want to know how dedicated someone is in the gym then pay attention to the consistency in their personal life, and vice versa. People who change jobs frequently, change their personal style every other week, are very indecisive, try every fad diet in existence, and are in a new relationship every time they blink are most likely going to suck at anything that is centered around discipline. Like training. Like dieting. Like starting a business. Like waking up early. Like being a better person. Achieving any form of noteworthy success requires good old fashioned discipline. 

You've got to give things time to actually work! Getting physically fit, stronger, more athletic (however you want to put it) doesn't happen as fast as you'd think.You have to PLAN it out. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. Shocking, right?

Planning your work can happen a number of ways. You could hire a coach, purchase a training program/book/journal online, invent your own training cycle, etc. Whichever journey you take to reach your goals just make sure to stay on the path long enough to let the damn thing work! In other words, WORK YOUR PLAN.

Always do better than the day before. Don't stop when you think you're finally doing good and comfortable with your progress because you can do better. Eat better, lift better, stretch better, meditate better, work better, sleep better, BE BETTER.There's no easy way out, no corners to cut, no magic pill, no secret formula, no miracle exercise, just HARD WORK. 

End rant.

(Side note about hiring coaches: a good coach will make it very clear to you that your relationship will/should be long term. Also, you shouldn't waste their time unless you plan on giving them a year of your dedication. Yes, a year, MINIMUM. And for shit's sake if you want to do something incredible, hire someone who has already done it!)